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BEARING FINANCIAL ADVISORS, LLC applies a “team-approach” to addressing our client’s financial planning needs, as well as investment management and on-demand aggregated (consolidated) financial reporting.


We consult with our clients to help them visualize their goals and clarify their priorities so we can build a more meaningful planning experience. Recommendations will lead to “Action Plans” that involve implementation strategies. Over time, we’ll monitor and assess progress we can make plan modifications geared to staying on track.

Retirement Income Planning

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

Accumulation Goal Planning

Like college funding, lump-sum planning for big purchases!

Tax Planning

involves being aware of taxation issues and constructing a proactive methodology to help limit unnecessary taxes or penalties

Insurance Planning

To make sure the policy amounts fit the risks, we’ll review existing policies to see if they correspond with the client’s specific needs, and make recommendations to modify if needed.

Investment Planning

Most financial plans rely on investment portfolios to meet a base-line of performance over time. Our clients depend on us to construct an individualized investment plan that addresses their lifetime needs. This involves a 3-step process: 1-constructing a Personalized Investment Profile that will identify the client’s investing experience, expectations and tolerance for risk, 2- reviewing the various investment “themes” and  “vehicles” (ETF’s, mutual funds, individual securities, annuities) to better understand the benefits and costs of owning each, and 3- proposing how the initial portfolio will be constructed, implemented and monitored. For more information about our systematic approach to successful investing, see Tactical Investing.

Estate Planning

Paying respect to a family’s generational planning, we will coordinate with their tax and legal counsel to provide the factual data they need to craft the proper documents to protect and pass on assets according to their wishes.

We go further to individually tailor portfolios, tactically manage them and provide regularly scheduled portfolio progress reviews.

FINANCIAL DATA AGGREGATION- We can provide our planning clients, on a singular, web-based (with mobile app) a means to gather, view & monitor nearly all of their financial accounts (including assets, investments, loans, liabilities, insurance, and budgets) and important documents. To see a short video demonstration click here.

CONTRACT DUE DILIGENCE- Whether you’re considering an investment, seeking financing or some other private corporate transaction, we can provide you the targeted consulting services you need to make a clearer business decision.

INVESTMENT DISCIPLINE- We use a systematic process for investment because we think that's the best way to go. Our systematic process also happens to be adaptive because we think adaptation to the current market environment is also an important consideration. (If you don't adapt you die.) Our decision to use a systematic process is grounded in evidence that, over time, systematic processes tend to win out over inconsistent human decision making.