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Year End quick-check list of actions that can be taken NOW:

| November 25, 2020

The remaining weeks of 2020 present the opportunity for us to help clients save thousands of dollars in taxes. Here’s a quick-check list of actions that can be taken NOW:

1. In-depth reviews of taxable investment portfolios-

· Identifying opportunities to take gains & re-balance holdings

· Neutralize (eliminate) taxes on capital gains, and

· Establish a higher cost basis to contain taxes in future years.

2. Convert? Or not convert to a Roth IRA-

· Rolling IRA assets into a Roth IRA in December reduces the “5-year rule” to just 4 years, and

· Executing a Roth conversion during years of lower earned income helps to eliminate future taxes,

3. Get more value by improving 401k account performance-

· Contribute a higher sum of wages to maximize employer-matching,

· Evaluate your eligibility to contribute after-tax dollars into the Plan,

· Re-allocate the 401k allocation to maximize performance within your risk tolerance, and

· Establish a regular plan to evaluate your 401k allocation quarterly and make changes when needed.