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Getting to know Bearing Financial Advisors

Getting to know Bearing Financial Advisors

| December 16, 2020

I went through some thought-exercises recently, where I reflected on an accumulation of my career accomplishments as a Financial Advisor and  manager at several Fortune 500 companies.  My name is Michael Samara and I enjoyed being mentored by some true leaders.  I also enjoyed the challenges of training dozens of new financial advisors who became accomplished practitioners--even specialists in their field.

The face of our company--Scott Bussy is not a typical Financial Advisor. His intellect and activities are in line with Institutional Portfolio Managers who manage billion dollar funds. He is up before the markets open each day watching and reading financial news. To say the least, Scott is “plugged” into what is going on with a multitude of types of investments and has over 30 years experience as a decision maker in the world of financial services. I won't go too far into how he performs his investment analysis. I will just say it's a proprietary discipline and Nasdaq purchased a comparable process for a significant sum of money in the last few years..

Bearing Financial Advisors is a boutique investment firm that doesn’t follow the big-name firms that lack investment flexibility. We invest the time to get to know each client and we treat them like family or friends. For over 13 years, we’ve specialized in “tactical management and investment risk”, recognizing that we may not be able to control risk—but we CAN control the degree to which our clients are exposed to that risk.

Our practice has grown mostly by referrals. If you or someone you care about needs a trained set of eyes on their investment portfolio--as a free consult, or a deeper dive into risk analysis  and investments, please send them our way!