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| November 07, 2020

As of Quarter-end (10/30/20), approximately 44% of the 500 stocks held in the S&P500 Index had NEGATIVE RETURNS for the year thus far. Is anybody curious as to what stocks are “in the green”? 

Note: Returns are based on closing prices from 1/01/20 thru 10/30/20 and do not include dividends  

Perhaps unsurprisingly, technology has been the best performing sector in three of the past 4 years, and energy has produced the weakest return in each year since 2016 (source: Nasdaq Dorsey Wright).

We regularly screen stocks, funds, sectors and asset classes to determine their Relative Strength Rankings. Doing so makes it easier for us to avoid the weak classes and invest in the strong.  

Our research team grouped S&P500 stocks by Sector, then calculated each sector’s year-to-date performance. Bottom line conclusion: It DOES matter what equity (stock) sectors you own in 2020.